Spike Lavender

Spike Lavender Essential Oil from the Lavandula latifolia

Spike Lavender

Lavandula latifolia
CAS: 8016-78-2 / 84837-04-7 EINECS / ELINCS: 284-290-6 FEMA: 3033


CAS  8016-78-2 / 84837-04-7
EINECS / ELINCS  284-290-6
FEMA  3033
INCI NAME  Lavandula latifolia herb oil


Aspecto  Liquid transparent
Color  Colorless to yellow pale
Olor   Wild aroma, camphorated, and with a certain dry touch


Densidad  0.894 - 0.917
Refracción  1.461 - 1.468
Rotación  -7º / +2º
Punto de inflamación  63ºC

CHEMICAL COMPOSITION (Active principles)

Componente NORMA
LIMONENE  0.5 - 3
1,8-CINEOL  16 - 39
CAMPHOR  8 - 16
LINALOL  34 - 50
a--TERPINEOL  0.2 - 2
a-BISABOLENE  0.4 - 2.5


Spike Lavender essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the Lavandula latifolia plant, F. Medikus.
This plant is present throughout the Mediterranean basin, especially in Spain and France.

The lavender belongs to the wide family of labiates and its good adaptation and resistance allows it to inhabit calcareous and mountainous zones of aggressive temperatures.

This plant usually measures between 40-60 cm tall, with woody stems, elliptical leaves, almost linear, whole and somewhat hairy, blue-green flowers in spike, very long and thin peduncle.
The whole plant is very aromatic, and mainly from the flowers an essential oil used in perfumery is extracted.
Its flowering occurs in summer and is when it should be collected.

Its essential oil is used in perfumery and aromatherapy, and traditional medicine uses it as an antiseptic, antibacterial and skin regenerator.