Cypress Essential Oil, Cypress, Cupressus sempervirens oil


Cupressus sempervirens
CAS: 8013 - 86 - 3 / 84696 - 07 - 1 EINECS / ELINCS: 283-626 -9 FEMA:


CAS  8013 - 86 - 3 / 84696 - 07 - 1
EINECS / ELINCS  283-626 -9
INCI NAME  Cupressus sempervirens leaf / Nut / Stem oil


Aspecto  Liquid transparent
Color  Colorless to pale yellow.
Olor  Terpenic, confectioner and fresh.


Densidad  0.865 - 0.895
Refracción  1.465 - 1.480
Rotación  (+12º / +25º)
Punto de inflamación  (+12º / +25º)

CHEMICAL COMPOSITION (Active principles)

Componente NORMA
a-PINENO  40 - 65%
b-PINENO  0,5 - 3%
Delta-3-CARENE  12 - 25%
b-MYRCENE  1 - 3,5%
LIMONENE  1,8 - 5%
TERPINENE-4-OL  0,2 - 2%
CEDROL  0,8 - 7%


Slender and conical tree that belongs to the genus of conifers. It abounds throughout the Mediterranean. It is an ancestral symbol of immortality; Sempervirens means that he lives eternally.

The cypress named the island of Cyprus, where he was given a special cult.


The essential oil of cypress is obtained by steam distillation of young shoots, leaves and fruits.

Characteristics of oil essential

The essential oil of cypress is colorless or yellowish, with intense and pleasant aroma, sweet, balsamic, woody, and with certain touches of spices. Content of d-pinene, d-camphene, d-wildflower, cymene, sabinol and cypress camphor.

Uses general

Essential oil widely used in perfumes and deodorants, both male and female, for its intense and fresh aroma. Inhalations, vaporizations, baths, frictions and massages.

• Useful for any condition that manifests an excess of fluid such as edema, incontinence.

• Valid for the healing of bleeding gums.

• Effective for excessive menstruation, regulating the menstrual cycle.

• Equally valid to treat varicose veins, chilblains and hemorrhoids.

• Used to treat osteoarticular inflammations and rheumatism.

• In hot baths and massage oils it is effective to combat muscle fatigue after physical exercise, muscle or back pain. color: Colorless to pale yellow.

• It is antispasmodic, acting on the bronchi, being effective against asthma, bronchitis, laryngitis and permanent cough.

• Good to fight cellulite.

• It is an excellent cytophilic, regenerating skin cells.

• Beneficial for the care of oily skin.

• It is a very good natural deodorant. Effective to treat excessive sweating.