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New Spike lavender plantations

 We are currently expanding our Spike lavender plantations in over 60 hectares. [...]

Marjorana season

We inform that Spanish Marjoram (thymus mastichina) and Sweet Marjoram (origanum marjorana) season is started. [...]

Expanding crops

Esencias Martínez Lozano has acquired 50 new acres to expand their crops, mainly for the production of essential oil of Spike Lavender, Lavandin, Savory and Thyme. [...]
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Spanish Essential oils

Essential oils produced by steam distillation of the different spanish aromatic herbs by Esencias Martínez Lozano. At present we produce more than 30 kinds of essential oils

Organic Essential oils

Essential oils produced under the guidelines of organic agriculture, with production supervised by the Spanish Official Agency CAERM and the international IMO.We produce Organic essential oils for the...


The hydrolates are produced in the process of obtaining essential oils by steam distillation.The hiydolates are water vapor passing through the aromatic herb to extract its essential oil, condensate o...